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What is Bloody Good Bins?

By Matt Cohen

9 December 2019

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In a nutshell, Bloody Good is a sanitary waste disposal company using quirky and colourful sanitary bins to fight period stigma and improve the lives of women and girls living in poverty.

Intrigued? We were hoping you might be!

Allow me to explain why may have just stumbled across Australia’s most exciting new startup. Period. (hah!)

Why we exist

To understand what’s so special about Bloody Good, we need to get to the core of
why we exist.

In everything we do, we aim to eliminate inequalities in the world.

In many parts of the world (particularly the poorest), women and girls* are disadvantaged disproportionately to their male counterparts. Not only does being female increase your likelihood of becoming or staying poor, you’re also statistically less likely to have the right to vote, receive an education, own land, be paid the same as a man, or even survive infancy due to practices of infanticide.

If these issues weren’t already a strong enough motivator for us (believe me, they fuel the fire more than just a little!), there’s actually a truckload of evidence to suggest that empowering women and girls is an incredibly effective way to bring entire villages out of poverty, reduce hunger, and even tackle climate change.

That last one is crazy. Did you know that women who receive more years of education have fewer children, as well as delaying the age at which they become a mother? This leads to smaller populations, meaning fewer greenhouse gas emissions in total.

Or how about the benefits of securing women’s right to contraception, otherwise known as family planning? Again, fewer people means a smaller carbon footprint for humanity.

Combining these two solutions globally is the single best way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to Project Drawdown. How nuts is that?!

Needless to say, we’re pretty passionate about empowering women and girls.

So here’s how we’re trying to do that.

What we’re doing to make change

The first important thing to understand about Bloody Good is that we’re a
social enterprise. This means that technically speaking we’re not a charity, we’re a for-profit business. However, any profit we make is either donated to our charity partners or reinvested back into the business. We use a portion of our revenue to cover the costs of running the business (like paying staff or manufacturing bins), and the rest is profit.

There are two ways in which we’re currently making an impact:

1. Using 50% of our profits to empower women and girls in poverty. This doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll be donating to charities that are specifically period-related, even if this is a nice sentiment. We’d prefer to pick charity partners with the biggest demonstrable impact per dollar, who also align with our overarching goal of empowering women and girls. Read more about our impact here.

2. Fighting period stigma at home in Australia. This is the main reason our bins are colourful and made to stand out. We reckon it’s about time we stopped treating sanitary bins like radioactive waste dumps, and started calling them for what they are instead. It’s a bin for bloody tampons and pads, darn it!

So why sanitary bins?

Bloody great question!

We believe in incidental altruism. (It’s different to effective altruism, but we’re also believers in that!)

Incidental altruism is the concept that simple goods or services can be made to provide a societal good at no detriment to their quality.

A great example of this is Who Gives A Crap. These guys sell toilet paper at a competitive price, and in doing so are able to use their profits to build toilets for people in poverty. As far as any consumer is concerned, they’re still getting great toilet paper, along with the added bonus of getting to help make the world a better place!

We wanted to do a similar thing with a product that fulfilled a simple functional purpose, was needed by most businesses, and possessed little obstacles in the way of innovation. Naturally, sanitary bins were a great choice.

By choosing Bloody Good Bins, businesses can do good with money that would otherwise have just been spent on an expense. With us, they get the same (if not better) sanitary disposal service as any other company might offer, as well as the ability help fund projects that improve the lives of women and girls half-way across the world.

It’s a win-win. Ain’t that a beautiful thing?

What’s next for Bloody Good?

We’re currently developing a top secret version 2.0 of our sanitary bin, with a focus on an environmentally sustainable design.

That said, we’ve still got plenty of bins that need a home! Want some for your business? Hit us up.

More blogs coming soon!

Watch this space! We’ve got plenty of content on the horizon, this is just the beginning.

Chief Bin Cleaner signing off.

*I’ve used “women and girls” here for succinctness, but it should be noted that transgender and gender diverse individuals can also menstruate, and can be just as affected by the issues I’ve mentioned above!

We aim to minimise
our carbon footprint

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