Where do our profits go?

We're passionate about empowering women and smashing period stigma. We also follow the principles of Effective Altruism: we donate to the most effective charities with the biggest measurable impacts.

Here are some effective charities that aim to empower and educate women and girls in poverty:

- Employs and trains women to sell life-saving medical supplies
- Provides businesswomen with employment and entrepreneurial skills
- These women own and operate their own micro-franchises

The Livings Goods model reduced under-5 mortality by 27 percent and infant (under-1) mortality by 33 percent.

- Identifies the extreme poor in Kenya and Uganda
- Delivers a program to build businesses that increase household income
- Examples of businesses include livestock, farming, small retail stores and restaurants, tailoring, and beekeeping.

Since 1987, VE has trained over 154,000 owners who have opened over 39,000 businesses.

- Scistosomiasis affects the poorest and most marginalized communities in the world
- SCI supports and evaluates treatment programs against schistosomiasis

Since its foundation in 2002, SCI has supported the delivery of over 210 million treatments for these infections.

- Helps women control their fertility and lead healthier lives
- Proper family planning reduces risk of pregnancy related death, and improved educational and financial outcomes for women
- Also work in: HIV, malaria, water, sanitation & non-communicable diseases

PSI estimates that in 2016 it added 38.1 million years of healthy lives with its products and services.